Дети: сказка на английском


Вчера мы делились с вами сказкой на немецком, сегодня предлагаем вам прочитать ребёнку на ночь «Спящую красавицу» на английском.

Sleeping Beauty


One day, a good King
and his beautiful Queen have a baby.
They are very happy.

«Let’s have a party,» says the King.

The King and Queen invite their friends to the party.
They also invite seven good fairies.

Today is the party!
Everybody gives a present to the baby princess.
The fairies also give presents.
Their presents are very special.

«You will be beautiful,» says the first fairy.
«You will be clever,» says the second fairy.
«You will be kind,» says the third fairy.
«You will sing,» says the fourth fairy.
«You will dance,» says the fifth fairy.
«You will always be happy,» says the sixth fairy.

Suddenly, somebody knocks on the palace door.

It’s a bad fairy.
She is very ugly.
Everybody is afraid of her.
The bad fairy is angry because
the King didn’t ask her to come to the party.

«I want to give the princess my present,» says the bad fairy.
She points to the baby princess and she says.
«When she’s sixteen,
she’ll cut her finger on a spinning wheel and die!»

The bad fairy laughs and leaves.

Everybody is very sad.
But the seventh fairy can help.
«Don’t worry. Here’s my present.
The princess won’t die. She will sleep
for one hundred years,» she says.
«Then a prince will kiss her
and she will wake up.»

The King and Queen are afraid.
The King wants to hide all the spinning wheels.
He sends a messenger to the town.

«Hide your spinning wheels.
We must save the princess,» says the messenger.

Everybody in the kingdom is sad.
The men and women aren’t singing or dancing.
The children aren’t playing.
They want to see the princess again.
One day, the King goes to the good fairy.
He wants her help.

«I can’t wake up the princess,» says the good fairy.
«But I can help you.»

The good fairy goes to the top of a hill.
She looks at the kingdom
and she waves her magic wand.

Suddenly, everybody in the kingdom falls asleep.
The King and Queen fall asleep.
The men and the women fall asleep.
The children fall asleep.
The animals fall asleep.

The good fairy waves her magic wand again.
Suddenly, a forest grows around the kingdom.
The trees are very tall and they hide the kingdom.
For one hundred years, nobody goes there.

A prince is riding his horse.
He sees the forest.
He can see towers behind the trees.

«What’s that in the forest?» he asks a farmer.
«There is a kingdom in the forest.
Everybody in the kingdom is sleeping,» says the farmer.

The farmer tells the prince the story about
the bad fairy and the beautiful princess.

«We call the princess Sleeping Beauty,» says the farmer.
«One day, a prince will kiss her and she will wake up.»

The prince is curious.
He wants to see Sleeping Beauty.

The prince goes into the forest.
He cuts the trees with his sword.
He cuts and cuts.
He’s very tired.
The good fairy is hiding in the forest.
She helps the prince.
She waves her magic wand
and the trees move.
Now the prince can find the kingdom.

The prince goes into the palace.
It’s very quiet!
The people and the animals are sleeping.

The prince is looking for Sleeping Beauty.
He sees some stairs.
He goes up the stairs
and he finds her in the tallest tower.

Sleeping Beauty is sleeping on her bed.
She’s very beautiful.
The prince falls in love with her!

The prince kisses Sleeping Beauty.
Suddenly, she wakes up!
She opens her eyes.
She sees the prince and she smiles.
The princess falls in love with the prince.

«Thank you, handsome prince,» she says.

Everybody in the kingdom wakes up.
The King and Queen wake up.
The men and women wake up.
The children wake up.
The animals wake up.

The prince and princess marry.
Everybody in the kingdom is happy again.

The End

Развивайте ребёнка с детства!

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