Hi there. I’m Vicky, and I’m a teacher from London.  I have a degree in Politics from the university of Glasgow, Scotland and I am a qualified teacher of English, gaining my CELTA in 2006. Before coming to Moscow, I worked in Glasgow as a teaching asssistant to adult refugees and immigrants. I’ve been working in Moscow for 18 months I teach mainly general and conversational English to adults of various professional backgrounds. I like to focus on improving my students conversational abilitities, developing my students confidence in using English in practical situations, and providing them with the opportunity to experiment with the language. As a native speaker I am able to work on pronunciation, stress patterns and intonation, features of language learning which non-native teachers are less able to provide.I like to bring contemporary and thought-provoking material to the classroom, to stimulate interest and make the language relevent. About myself: my interests are politics, reading and foriegn travel. I look forward to meeting you.

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