Hello!  My name is Reinoud. I am 34 years old and I am from London, United Kingdom For over 3 years now, I have been living and working in Moscow, as an English teacher.
I studied Education at the University of Utrecht from 1998-2002, and started teaching English in 2003.  I have taught in many different countries and my methods depend on what the student wants.
I have been teaching anything from English to small children, to business English, or help preparing for a specific tests. Some students want to focus on grammar, and some want mainly conversation and most of them want to have a mixture of both. Children usually want to have fun and when the lessons are fun they are quite capable of learning something. I really like tailoring my lessons to fit the student.
I am often asked why I came to Moscow. There is no short answer.  My story is complicated and crazy, too long to write here, but I am more than willing to share it face to face with anyone who asks.  I am quite open and friendly, and I would be more than glad to have new students and share a mutually beneficial experience.  So, feel free to contact me!

Рейнод — преподаватель-носитель английского языка, родился и вырос недалеко от Лондона.

Образование получил в Нидерландах в области преподавания английского языка и антропологии.

Преподавал английский язык в Иране, Индии, Вьетнаме, Камбодже. Его опыт преподавания — более 10 лет. Есть сертификат TEFL.

В России Рейнод живет и работает уже более 3 лет. Он преподает английский детям и взрослым.

Большая часть студентов Рейнода — дети. С детьми он работал как в школах, так и в качестве гувернера в семьях в Москве.

В настоящее время, давая уроки языка, Рейнод знакомит российских школьников в Studylab с британской системой образования.

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